Other Ways to Donate

Online Donations


You can donate online using any Visa or MasterCard. You can also request a cheque or cash pickup. 

Direct Deposit


You can submit your donations by Direct deposits through banks. If you wish to receive a receipt acknowledging your Zakat or donation after making a direct deposit, please email us at info@pathtohumanity.com 

Donate by Cheque


You can donate through cheques or bank drafts made out in favour of “Path to Humanity Foundation”.

You can also send your cheque by courier to: Path to Humanity Foundation

Office no M 75, Mezzanine Floor, I.T Tower, 75 E1, Hali Road, Lahore

Send your Contribution via Courier


Send us your donation card and / or cheque payable to Path to Humanity Foundation at our Head Office. 

Direct Bank Deposits or Transfer


Transfer your Zakat or donations in favour of Path to Humanity Foundation in our selected banks 

Raise Funds Online


Start fundraising for PHF by creating your own digital campaign or teaming up with your friends at info@pathtohumnaity.com