CLEANUP ( Personal Hygiene Program)


to build a healthy nation by improving individual health.


About Project:

This project is about to promote health and personal hygiene among children. This involves basic cleanliness activities that can be helpful for providing awareness to the children. 

The activities involved in this project aims to improve the healthy attitude of children towards a better and healthy living style. Moreover, this will ultimately leads to social well-being.  

To identify and prioritize the problems, PHF conducted a need assessment among different schools. These problems includes the unhealthy attitude of students, poor personal hygiene, dirty and unhealthy environment of the class rooms, no guidance and supervision provided by teachers about cleanliness and intake of unhealthy food that infer the students to be ill and makes them dull in their studies.

Goal of the project:

To aware and literate the 300 students from the targeted population about cleanliness through different activities and workshops. That will ultimately results in social well-being. 

Direct and Indirect beneficiaries:

Direct beneficiaries:

300 school student’s age group of 8-14 years, their teachers.

Indirect beneficiaries:

Parents of students

Siblings of students

Peer groups