Core Principles


The staff and board  governs the organization with a “Duty of Care” and “Duty of Loyalty” to protect and distribute the assets of Path to Humanity Foundation for the purpose of advancing the missions of worthy causes. 


 We work collaboratively with nonprofit organizations to assure the best possible outcome of projects funded by the donors.


We operate openly and candidly and provide full disclosure on issues around conflict of interest, operations and funding practices. 


We lead by example, helping change the world one organization at a time through funding incentives, guidance and collaboration. 

Best Business Practice

We  enhance and reward top management practices in nonprofit organizations by funding projects that increase efficiencies and represent innovation. 


We award funding to programs representing great need to organizations that are sustainable and not seeking to replace lost funding. 


We  fund programs that share their lessons learned in order to advance the improvement of the quality of life in   communities.


We support programs that represent creative solutions to society’s problems. 


We view projects seeking funding in light of the Mission of the foundation without regard to criticism or difficulty.  


We adhere to moral and ethical principles.